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The naked truth about sexuality


In a generation overwhelmed by conflicting messages about love, lust and relationships, Moral Revolution is a company of radicals helping to define healthy sexuality. We promote a culture of love, honor, respect and freedom by providing resources that equip and empower society to live in wholeness.


Infused takes over a hundred truths of scripture and puts them in modern language to help you soak in the truths of God to help reorient what we think about God, sexuality, redemption, family, and many other topics.

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To make it even better, we’ve tagged teamed with Bethel Music to bring you their newest “Have It All” so you can soak in both scripture and music. We threw in a “Wildly Free” journal to top it off.

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Donations and support from people like you make all the difference and enables us to touch countless lives through the work we do

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This 6-Part course is designed to help you transform your student’s view of sexuality. Using biblical truth, scientific understanding and counseling tools, we provide real, practical solutions to core issues surrounding our sexuality.

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“How you choose to live is the biggest decision you get to make. You can live powerless or powerful, fearful or faith-filled.”

Havilah Cunnington


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Moral Revolution is on the road! We are excited to be starting the conversation locally, nationally and internationally. Events are tailored to your group and setting. Let us help you find your vision, empower your community and strengthen your voice. For more information on conferences, sessions, workshops or leadership seminars contact us! Or, come join us at an event near you!

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