Parenting Sexuality

There are a lot of places your child can hear about sex. We think the best place is from you.

We believe you are the best person to talk to your kids about sex. We want you to be the one who shapes their view of themselves, God, and their sexuality. We talk about how to answer the difficult questions and how to start a conversation that continues on and ultimately leads them into a healthy, whole life.

Start the conversation. Empower your kids. Raise a generation to walk in freedom.

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Parenting Sexuality Ecourse

We are now launching our 6-part ecourse on parenting sexuality featuring Havilah Cunnington, Danny Silk, and Brittney Serpell. We answer questions about how to talk to your children at their appropriate age and maturity level, how to have both planned and spontaneous conversations surrounding this topic, how the science of sex aligns with God’s design for it, and how to teach your children biblical principles that equip them in many different areas of their lives including sexuality. We have teaching sessions, Q&A sessions, and questions to work through. We’re very excited to share this with you!

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Parenting Resources

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